giovedì 9 aprile 2015

Rope opening squeezing line

Description of machine :

Stainless Steel brand Corino.
Year 1996.
Working width 2200mm.
Line to open and de-humidify,
consisting of: squeezer in rope,
winder, scarves squeezing,
exit by plaiter.

Pictures and price upon request

domenica 22 febbraio 2015

venerdì 20 febbraio 2015

giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

Compactor open width Lafer

Compactor Open with brand Lafer, working width 2400mm, year of costruction

MAT Supervelox

MAT type Supervelox
yoc 1983, but completely overhauled in 2006.
New SETEX 838 control panel.
New caterpillar belt, belt is driven with frequency converter drive (LENZE)
for exact fabric fulling/softening effect control.
Complete new control box with newest SETEX 838 touch screen control.
For exact reproducible

sabato 14 febbraio 2015

Raising Mario Crosta

Raising machine brand Mario Crosta, double drum , 24+24 cylinders , checked mechanical parts, new control panel with electronical 2015, working width 2000mm.
Deliver : 20 days.